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Governing Style and Expected Conduct Policy

Michigan Squash Racquets Association

Governing Style and Expected Conduct Policy

The MICHIGAN SQUASH Board of Directors, hereafter referred to as the Board, will approach it’s task with a style which emphasizes outward vision rather than an internal preoccupation, encouragement of diversity in viewpoints, strategic leadership more than administrative detail, clear distinction of Board and Staff roles, future rather than past or present, and will strive to be proactive rather than reactive in its endeavors.
In this spirit the Board has a governing style that will:

  1. Focus chiefly on intended long term impacts on the world of squash (ends/policy), not on the administrative or programmatic means of attaining those effects.
  2. Direct, control, and inspire Michigan Squash through the careful establishment of the broadest organizational values and policies.
  3. Enforce upon itself whatever discipline is needed to govern with excellence. Discipline will apply to matters as policy making principles and self-policing of any tendency to stray from governance adopted in Board policies.
  4. Be accountable for competent, conscientious and effective accomplishment of it’s obligations as a governing body for squash. It will allow no officer, individual, or committee to usurp this role or hinder this commitment.
  5. Review on a regular basis the Board’s process and performance.
  6. Be an initiator of policy, not merely a reactor to staff initiatives. The Board, not the staff, will be responsible for the Board’s performance.
  7. Work closely with the other Board members to help define and prioritize the vision, mission, ends and goals of the membership of the Association.
  8. Develop and maintain consistent rules, regulations and policies to ensure fair and safe competition and to accomplish the ends of its members.
  9. Facilitate the development of programs that will support the member’s attainment of their goals and contribute to the process of squash as a whole. These programs will be administered by the staff within the constraints of fiscal responsibility.

Further, the Association Board expects of itself and its members ethical and business-like conduct. This commitment includes proper use of authority, appropriate decorum, and discretion in group and individual behavior when acting as Board members.

  1. Board members must represent, without any conflict, loyalty to the interest of the Association and our membership. This accountability supersedes any conflicting loyalty such as that to advocacy or interest groups and membership on other boards or staff.
  2. Board members must avoid any conflict of interest with respect to their fiduciary responsibility. Specifically should a Board member be considered for employment, she/he must temporarily withdraw from Board deliberations, voting and access to applicable Board information.
  3. Board members may not attempt to exercise individual authority over the Michigan Squash except as explicitly set forth in the bylaws and any duly adopted Board policies.
  4. Board member interaction with each other will recognize the lack of authority in any individual Board member or group of Board members except as noted above.
  5. Board members’ interaction with the public, press or other entities must recognize the same limitation and the similar inability of any Board member other than the Chair to speak for the Board. In instances where it is appropriate for them to speak as individuals regarding the affairs of the Association individual Board members must identify that it is their personal opinion they are providing. While it is important for Board member’s to be as accessible as possible to the membership as listeners, as well as key communicators of the Association’s message as it evolves, specific Board deliberations should be treated with discretion.
  6. Board members should make no judgments or evaluations of other Board members, except as that performance is assessed against explicit Board policies by the official review process.

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