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Announcing – 2015/16 Inaugural Michigan Squash Singles Box League

Over the past several seasons we have struggled to run a successful singles travel league, due to several reasons:
1. Availability of courts (no weekday courts at several clubs)
2. Difficulty to have all teams equally competitive
3. Difficulty to have a consistent roster
4. Change in squash player travel habits
5. General weekday schedule versus playing on weekends
6. Intra-club success of squash programs run by our Pros, changes the need to travel for a competitive squash match
As a result, Michigan Squash has decided to offer a singles “self schedule” box league for the upcoming season. Basically a very similar format as to what Windsor Squash and Fitness does for their members. Without actually knowing how many members are going to enter, it is difficult to estimate how many “box’s” we will have, and how many players will be in each box. There is also a strong likelihood that to keep competition equal, we may have box’s with different numbers of players. For example if we are loaded with 4.5 level players we will probably have seven players in each box, whereas in 2.5 (assuming less entries) we may have six players per box.
Using 4.5 as an example, we would rank the players and place the top seven in a box. So each player would have six opponents. Each player would play three opponents/matches at home and three opponents/matches away. We would provide a basic weekly schedule, you will have one week to schedule and play each match. You can play any day of the week. At the conclusion of the six matches played we will provide one more week for all make up matches. The top four players will then play off to determine the winner of the bracket. Top seeds will play at home. We will use a points system for played matches, 6 points for a match won 3-0, 5 points for 3-1 win, 4 points for 3-2 win, 3 points for a 2-3 loss, 2 points for a 1-3 loss, 1 point for a 0-3 loss, 0 points for matches not played. As an added incentive, in lieu of awarding trophies or apparel to winners, we are considering paying your entry to a tournament held by one of our member clubs (BAC, DAC, WSF, etc.).
We will start this box league early in October and complete it before Christmas. We will then restart again in early January.
If you have any suggestions or comments, please provide by using the following link:
info@michigansquash.org .

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