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Singles Box League Rules



All players in the Singles Box Travel League must be paid members of US Squash and Michigan Squash prior to participation in Michigan Squash Box Travel League play.

League players must be members of the club they represent.


Michigan Squash will provide a base guideline schedule for all Box League matches. Basically one week will be allotted to play each match. There will be one week at the end of the schedule for make-up matches. Michigan Squash will recommend which matches will be played both home and away. The two players will mutually agree at which club to play, and the day and time they will play. The home player will be responsible for booking and reserving the court at his home club, and notifying his opponent that the court has been reserved. The same will apply to play-off matches.

Forfeit time will be 15 min after scheduled court time start, unless there are exceptional circumstances (severe weather etc.).


Points will be awarded for matches played as follows:

3 – 0 = 6 points
3 – 1 = 5 points
3 – 2 = 4 points
2 – 3 = 3 points
1 – 3 = 2 points
0 – 3 = 1 point

There will be zero points for matches not played.


All matches are best of five games. The first player to win three games wins the match.

Point-a-rally scoring shall be used. All games are played to 11 points with the tie-break. Players must win the game by at least 2 points. (i.e. If the score reaches 10-all, the game goes to 12; if the score reaches 11-all, the game goes to 13 and so forth.)


The winning player has the responsibility of reporting all scores to the Michigan Squash Singles Box Travel League Coordinator. This includes the name of the players, match and game scores. Scores are to be reported to the Michigan Squash Singles Box League Coordinator by 5:00 p.m. on the Monday following each allotted week to play, via email (singles@michigansquash.org).

All players’ scores will be inputted into the US Squash ranking / rating system.


A match will be defaulted if a player is not present and ready to play by 15 minutes after location start-up time.

Any player withdrawing or being withdrawn from the competition shall create either a BYE within that box,or, the League Co-ordinator will replace the withdrawn player with a comparable alternate/replacement player.  Michigan Squash may re-adjust points already scored if the player cannot be replaced.


If a Club is hosting a Michigan Squash Singles Travel League match and the Club has banned a Michigan Squash member from playing at or entering the Club, Michigan Squash will honor the Club’s ban.

The Michigan Squash member will not be permitted to play matches at a different venue in order to avoid the ban.


Upon a written complaint received by a member of the Michigan Squash regarding the on-court behaviour of a member during an Michigan Squash Travel League match witnessed by the complaining member, a subcommittee of the Board will be appointed by the President or highest ranking official who was not a witness of the match which is the subject matter of the complaint.

If nobody is willing to act, the matter must be tabled until a subcommittee can be formed. A complaint that has been tabled for two years will be dropped.

The subcommittee shall determine whether the complained-of behavior was antagonistic, belittling, reckless, injurious, or disruptive.

A referee’s or judge’s decision (if any) during the incident are to be ignored for purposes of the determination (e.g., failure to impose penalties shall not be indicative that the behavior is sporting, and vice versa).

If the subcommittee determines that the behavior was antagonistic, belittling, reckless, injurious, or disruptive and hence a departure from sporting behavior, the subcommittee shall recommend that the board impose a sanction against the player or players involved in the incident.

The board shall determine by majority vote the appropriate ban and length of the ban. The ban may consist of barring the player from league play for part of a year, a year, and multiple years and even for life.


The Michigan Squash Board Members and Club Representatives prior to the season will determine the official ball for league and tournament play.


In the case of a tie in the final league standings, the winner of the head to head league match will be awarded the higher seed for the play-offs

The leagues will have 4 play-off positions. In the first round, No. 4 plays No. 1, No. 3 plays No. 2.

The higher ranked player in the play-offs will have the home-court advantage and host the final with one exception: Due to the policies of the LTF (Life Time Fitness) clubs, any final involving a LTF player will be played at their opponent’s club (regardless of ranking) unless it is also another LTF player.


Michigan Squash may invoke sanctions against any offenders of the above rules. These may include banning that player and making that player ineligible to play the travel league the following season. Specifically, a league player, who, in case of absence, (no-show) does not provide a reasonable explanation.

Players violating the Rules of Conduct may, in addition to defaulting the match, have season’s playing rights forfeited.


Exceptions to the printed rules may be made by the Officers of Michigan Squash upon written request.

The Officers shall have final authority regarding all disputes.


All players are requested to adhere to dress codes established by Michigan Squash member clubs as indicated in the Directory.

Michigan Squash league players must wear US Squash approved eye protection.

Annual Physical Examinations are advised for all players.


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